InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Keezel partners with world class VPN providers with servers worldwide and chooses the best available connection, every time you connect.

By combining multiple VPN networks, they provide the largest and most resilient network. It automatically selects the best connection for you.

That way you have the best service you can imagine. Your keezel may look simple, but there is a big worldwide server network working for you!

This lets you enjoy your online freedom.It works on WiFi networks and with all your favorite WiFi devices.

Keezel works with VPN technology, but they have made sure that it’s so simple that you don’t need any technical skills. Their campaign perks include a 1 year, 2 year or lifelong access to our world class VPN network. Keezel also works with our free basic service.

Protect your privacy and security on WiFi networks

Free WiFi is everywhere and people love it. Every time your connect to WiFi you expose yourself to identity theft and data leakage.

Keezel protects your privacy and security online, in coffee shops, hotels, airports, at work and even at home. It encrypts your connection on all connected devices without having to install a thing.

See what you want, visit what you like

Blocked internet is a widespread problem.Websites and TV-shows can only be watched in certain countries. Episodes of your favorite show may all of sudden be unavailable when travelling. Or you want to watch a sports game or race and find it inaccessible in your country or region.

Keezel creates your own secure WiFi network

It connects to WiFi networks, like the one in your favorite coffee shop. It then creates a secure WiFi network. Just For You.

It works with open source encryption technology, similar to what big companies and government organizations use to protect their data. Keezel doesn’t require installation on your laptop or phone. Use the smart solution and start using it.

Keezel VPN Portable Router

Keezel works with all your WiFi devices Now all your devices can enjoy online freedom. Even those without screens.

Keezel VPN Portable Router


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