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There are number of advantages of shared hosting service but here I am going to elaborate basic three advantages of shared hosting.

Let us first know about hosting service, hosting service means that you can put your data live through your websites.

Hosting service makes your data, video, picture available on internet. Hardware is required for providing hosting service and that is called server.

Hosting is mainly divided into two main categories, one is dedicated hosting and the other one is shared hosting. In dedicated hosting only one person will use the server.

Only one person will be the owner of server. While shared hosting means that a single serve will be shared by many customers. Shared hosting suits most of the people for a lot of reasons. Here are some basic reasons that make shares hosting a good one.

The main advantage of shared hosting is that it reduces your cost.

If you want to have a dedicated server; then most part of investment for your business will be spent on dedicated server. The reason is that hardware used for hosting service is very expensive. Only buying hardware is not the issue while it also costs for the maintenance of hardware. If by chance server hardware breaks down then you will have t buy new hardware. Getting a shared hosting reduces your per month cost.

The reason is that cost for shared hosting is distributed between all those customers who share the same server. It is good for every business that can avail facilities of dedicated server at a very low price.

If you get a dedicated serve then you may have to pay $ 150 per month while on the other hand a shared server will only cost you $5. if you want to have more services from a shared server then you can get them by paying few more bucks.

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You should get shared hosting service from a company that gives you best customer services. It is noted that 99% of the people prefer to have a shared hosting service rather than having a dedicated server.

Keeping this point in mind you should select the company with best customer service. If you will have a good customer support then you will feel relaxed that you will not have to face any difficulty using shared hosting service.

Mostly companies provide 24/7 customer support. It is because the customers do not like that their website is down and they will not find representative to resolve their issue.

You may have an idea about cPanel. It is like a back office for your shared hosting. Using cPanel you can easily get an interface where you can easily manage your domains.

You can add more domains to your space on shared hosting server. it is control panel for your hosting. It is a common thinking that people who will buy shared hosting service are not expert and hence they design a user friendly interface for their customers.

Companies cannot afford to have more employees for their customer support so they try to have a interface that is very easy to use.


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