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Amazon has its own streaming music service, Amazon Prime Music is available in India. This service is free for Amazon prime users i.e. members do not have to pay any more to access it.

To access Prime Music, users can visit or download the Amazon Music app on iOS or Android.

It is available as “Amazon music” on mobiles for both iOS and Android platforms. The advantage of this service can also be taken on the desktop, eco devices, and web player.

The Amazon Prime membership is available per year at RS 999. The entry of Amazon Prime Music beats many international and local players like Apple Music, Saavn, Google Play Music, and Wynk Music.

These leading apps were already offering free music streaming, paid membership and the huge library of global and regional songs. Along with Prime Music, there are other services also being offered like Prime Video, special offers, and many more.

It offers ad-free music in different genres like classical, pop, retro, hip-hop, and many more.

Prime music offers more than a million music tracks and albums to listen to them over the internet and can be downloaded for offline listening without having to purchase them.

Unlimited songs can be downloaded on Amazon Prime Music and can listen to them offline also. Amazon Prime Music is available across the web and Amazon’s Products.

To start with Amazon Prime Music, it is an easy process. Firstly log onto and sign in to your Amazon Account then after agreeing to the terms and condition section, set the music preference on the basis of language.

There are over 10 language choices available which include Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Marathi and many more.

People can choose their language in which they prefer hearing music. After this, within a split-second, you can land right onto Amazon Prime Music Platform.

Recently, Amazon Prime Music has introduced Alexa-powered features to its music streaming services.

On introduction of Alexa-powered features, Sahas Malhotra, Director of Amazon Prime Music said that “with the launch of these new ways to discover music, we have made it easier than ever to make the music listening using your voice simpler and easier with Alexa, just by asking”.

Amazon Prime Music has company’s AI assistant, Alexa both on the mobile app and as well as Echo family devices.

You can simply command Alexa by tapping on Alexa icon on the app and can ask it to Play Hindi Songs, Play Despacito, and Play Workout Mix.

One can also ask Alexa to play music heard last week and can also ask to create new playlists or add songs to the existing playlists.

Alexa Cast is the new feature introduced to Amazon Prime Music which makes it easier to cast Amazon Music to Alexa-enabled devices from Android apps and Amazon Prime Music iOS.

When we access Amazon Prime Music from a desktop on the basis of language chosen, there are several sections and many playlists on the home page itself.

Some songs are also “recommended” which are albums based on tracks you might have listened recently or bought from Amazon.

The search bar on Amazon Prime Music works as expected. When the search is made for any particular song from an album or from a movie, it shows the fast and accurate results.

Whatever the song one chooses to play, it plays them immediately which is very impressive. On the left side, there are different options like Home, Stations and more.

At the bottom of the screen, various settings can be done like configure by music preference, change the display name, and set audio streaming quality.

There are also charts of popular albums or songs based on what is trending among people. Amazon Prime Music Platform is simple to use in terms of user interface as well as experience.

Amazon has collaborated with 8 National and over 300 regional record labels for Indian users.

The music streamed to ears through the headphones on Amazon Prime Music is crisp and satisfying. Amazon has its huge investment in India which stands nearly $5 billion to date.

Initially, people faced some registering issues onto Amazon Music. On visiting the page on website or app, it lands to the billing page for some credit/debit card details.

Redirection was taking place to Amazon Music Global Platform on both the website and app. Since Amazon Music was first launched in the US, Canada and many European Countries and the subscription cost there was different.

On interacting with the Amazon Music customer care, people learned that the accounts were created in 2012 and at that time no other Amazon digital services were available in India. Hence the default marketplace for such accounts was set to and not

Then the customer care set the default marketplace for Indians as The issue aroused for all those people who had signed up for Amazon account in 2012 or before that. To resolve such problem, log on to your Amazon account and navigate to Your Orders > Manage Your Content and Devices > Settings > Country setting. Change your country to India via this link.

To compare with other leading music apps Amazon Prime Music has the cheapest plan of Rs 83.25 per month.

Apple Music costs Rs 120 per month and Rs 60 if you are a student, Google Play Music costs at Rs 99 per month, Saavn Music costs Rs 120 per month and Gaana is at Rs 99 per month. Below are the comparisons with the leading apps which makes Amazon Prime Music the best.

Apple Music

It was the first to offer paid music streaming in India. Apple Music App can be accessed on Android and iOS. It also offers family plans that can be shared among the five members of a family. The disadvantage to using Apple Music is that it requires an Apple ID.

Google Play Music

The disadvantage with Google Play Music is that songs can’t be streamed for free. The subscription charge is at Rs 99 which is restricted to streaming songs online.

The music can’t be downloaded from this app, it needs to be purchased. The prices may vary song to song but the average is of Rs 18 per song.


It is the most popular Indian music streaming apps. Users can download songs from this app via subscription.

Wynk Music

The main advantage with this is that it allows users to listen to the songs on poor internet quality by decreasing the audio quality. It includes free and unlimited downloads as well as the subscription to Hello Tunes.

The mobile app of Amazon Prime Music is a bit cranky as compared to the desktop experience because sometimes it requires installing and uninstalling of apps before finally songs could be played.

The mobile app also doesn’t load songs as fast as a desktop can. Many a time download option results in “download error”.  Amazon Prime Music service also lacks sports, weather and lifestyle content.



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