Peeking over the top Netflix shows? No more looking ups! We’ve gathered and listed the best Netflix shows to make your watch list all set. You are in the best place to know the best online streaming shows. It is truly the toughest job to find the top list on the ocean of Netflix, where each show is a huge gang’s favorite and watched by millions and billions. We help you to narrow that process here.

The Regency Romance topped all the shows and was everyone’s favorite.  But it skidded down suddenly and made the Christmas release Bridgerton, year start release Cobra Kai – 3 creeps up.

As for now, the ten shows stands top on the row are,

  • Peaky Blinder
  • Breaking Bad
  • Bridgerton
  • Cobra Kai
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • Never Have I ever
  • Resurrection Ertugrul
  • Money Heis
  • Cocomelon


A fabled gang back in the year 1919 in Birmingham, England is led by wild Tommy Shelby, an evil boss keeps on moving in the entire world at no cost.


One high school chemistry teacher was medically diagnosed with incurable lung cancer changes to manufacturing and trading of methamphetamine for securing his family’s future.


A group of eight caring and cohesive siblings from Bridgerton family gazes for happiness through love residing in London High Society. This is an American streaming series which is presented based on the best selling romantic Novel of Julia Quinn.


Many decades after the events and tournaments which changed the lives, the conflict between Daniel and Johnny rekindles the original Karate Kid films. This is an American martial art and comedy series by Robert Mark Kamen.


This is also an American television series which revolve the misadventures of six pals who steer up the hazards of life, work and love around 1990 in Manhattan, a New York city.


In the years of 1950, a young orphan girl lets out the astounding talent in chess and starts far from journey. This orphanage prodigy girl rises to the top in the chess world when grappling over alcohol and drug addiction.


Following an agonizing year, one Indian – American high school student who deals with the loss of her dad, wants to turn up her status socially but her family, friends and feelings give tough times, would not make it an easy go.


A Turkish historical series centralizes the life of Ertugrul, the father of Osman who is the founder of Ottoman Empire. Upon a good deed that comes unsuspected risks his clan, warriors start a struggle against the enemies of Sultan swapping a new tribal place.  


A gang of eight thieves get hold of hostages and clasps in the Royal Mint of Spain with a long prepared criminal mind influences police patrol to stand out the plan.


In a Cocomelon town, baby JJ and siblings make fun all day every day, do adventures by playing, nursery, exploring, and learning – each thing every pre- school kid can relate with.


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