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Fujifilm announced that it will release another model  GFX Camera with 100 megapixel sensor.

The yet-to-named camera will also have in-body image stabilization (IBIS), a notable achievement for a medium format camera.

Fujifilm hasn’t provided many details on the camera.As per the expectation it may cost around $10,000 .

It is expected to release next year.This new model can record videos in 4K.

The new model has a large DSLR-style design similar to the GFX-50S, as opposed to the slimmed-down range-finder looks alike of the new GFX-50R.

It also appears to have an integrated bottom grip, further enlarging its already sizable footprint.

The other players within the medium-format digital camera world include Hasselblad and PhaseOne .

These players have 100-megapixel models on the market already.

Pentax additionally includes a medium-format camera, although its model makes do with 51-megapixels.

New camera from Fujifilm can have AN eye-watering five-figure tag.However it’s still considerably less expensive than the choices from Hasselblad and PhaseOne. This can possible charm to several creation and studio photographers.


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