Samsung Galaxy S8 gives the impression of a completely different device that is not like any other when you pick it up.

Samsung tried well that the first impression of the user in the store or from the reviewers was impeccable.

At first it seems that this is not just a smartphone, but something more, but still you need to understand it objectively.

In this review, we will talk about things for which it is worth loving this phone and possibly buying it. This is not a comparison with other phones, just looking at a separate device.


One of the main aspects when choosing a phone is the camera and the point is not in the hardware of the camera.

It is important how it works. The physical module of the camera is as old as in the Samsung J7, but Dual Pixel technology has appeared.

Let me remind you that the camera aperture was and remains 1.7, which makes it possible to shoot better in the dark and make beautiful blurring of the background. In Samsung Galaxy S8, the work of auto focus has become really different; now it is much more confident and works almost without jambs.

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On average, you need half the time to focus. Pictures come out different in color, in some places the white balance is different, in some places they are just saturation.

In the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can fully shoot video at 60 frames per second. The camera is a very strong side of the Galaxy S8.

The front camera, it has a very good viewing angle. The main thing was auto focus and, in fact, works as a separate full-fledged camera, only in front.


You can talk a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S8 display, but you need to see it live. I can only say this is the best screen of those that I met in mobile devices.

Large resolution is unnecessary here, it looks very good with medium resolution. At maximum, it’s even somehow not comfortable for the eyes.

The display is definitely the best. I also want to note the brightness of the display separately. The display is very bright, if you turn on the display indoors, it will just incinerate your eyes. In the sun, even taking into account the fact that the display glare, absolutely everything is visible.

Thanks to the proportions of the 18×9 screen, the diagonal has grown, but the phone has not been covered up. Due to the fact that it is narrow, you can easily reach the second edge of the screen, for example, throw out some kind of curtain in the application.

With full use of the phone, without compromises such as reducing brightness, the phone lived to see the end of the day.

Iris scanner

Having bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and having used it for a couple of days, I noticed that I began to use a retina scanner more often than a fingerprint.

This is not to say that it works perfectly, somewhere in two out of ten times it will work incorrectly, or it will think for more than two seconds and Samsung knows about it.

Samsung is positioning this as a separate, full-fledged way to unlock the screen, the way it is, it really can be used. The face scanner is kind of messy, and the retina is a very useful thing. In addition, you can combine the locking method, you can simultaneously unlock the phone with either a retina or a fingerprint. The iris scanner is definitely a plus phone.


He is the flagship, the new Exynos 8895V processor added a little about 20% to the performance, and the shell itself works much faster than all its ancestors. The Samsung Galaxy S8 device works without lags, and, moreover, that I have already heavily cluttered it.


Finally, samsung began to put normal headphones in the kit. There used to be some kind of shame. The new AKG headphones are more marketing.

As much as they were promoted by bloggers and the media they do not sound, but I took them to the pluses. But in fact they are really good.

These were the main advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, but of course there are also disadvantages in it. If the article was useful to you, share it online, bye everyone!

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