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Technology makes wheels and tires look good, our goal is to place right wheels and tires to the vehicle. We need to select the right tires for the right vehicles. When we think to place the tires we need to know some facts about replacing tire or wheel and some upgraded things about tires.

If you’re with new vehicle and want to replace tires, there are many ways to do that. The best thing is place the exact size and make sure it has the same size when it came with new one. Apart from that we should consider about quality because it improves wet or dry handling that should match the OE tire.

The next step is to change the wheel and there are many other ways to replace wheels. Some people just want to change the wheel but they want to use the same tires. This is not bad decision because it gives the appearance change when we replace it with wheels.

Before talking more about wheels, we will discuss about tires because it helps us when we walk into a tire store. It helps you when you upgrade your wheel too.

To choose a tire we need to consider many things but to keep it simple remember two points.

Firstly know you’re driving uses and needs. To follow this point you need to communicate with sales assistant and tell him the requirements. Tell the sales assistant clearly so that he can understand your needs and if he is an experience person they will ask you a right questions so that helps us to get a right tire.

Second thing is to find the best store and the store should recommend you the right tire for your vehicle. Tell them the parameters you required they will provide you aright tire.

Ride quality

A tire which has 40 or 50-series looks decent but it looks harsh over potholes when we compare it with 55 or 60.A low profile tire can get damaged easily and increases harshness the only thing here is we need to get compromised.

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Weather requirements

Most of the people live in bad weather conditions. Let’s say if you’re living in London then you have to prefer taking wet weather tire. In winter season you have to choose snow tire and swap the old tires.


Some tires are designed noisier it all varies in tire brands and designs .It won’t affect when we are travelling in city streets. If you’re driving on highway you have to consider this option. A sales executive can help you choose the right tire and sometimes it all depends on the roads.

These days it would really be a bad idea buying low profile wheels and tires. We can find good ones in the market which has more benefits. Of course these would be bit expensive and when it comes to trucks the wheels and tires would cost more when compare to cars.


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