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Sennheiser Game Zero is a gaming headset.

They are meant for PC, but you can also use it on PS4 and Xbox and Mac as well. The Sennheiser Game Zero got a premium design and have the black and red skin that are very stylish.

They have a large earcups, but they don’t feel oversized at all. The earcups fits nicely over anyone’s ears. Because of the large earcups you can really feel like you are part of whatever you are listening to.

Sennheiser Game Zero Headset also features a pretty flexible design, that allows you to fold the headset and even twist the earcups depending how you want to use them. When folded the headset  becomes pretty compact.

They have very sturdy build and feels very well in the hand, as well on the head.

The earcups are padded with leather material and has a triple layer of memory foam. So that helps to reduce the sound leakage and increase the sound isolation when gaming. The headband also features the same soft padding on the earcups, so comfort definitely won’t be issue for anyone using them.

Also they have a very solid microphone compared to other microphones. It also features a 3 meter cable with a headphone and microphone input.

The microphone has built-in noise cancelling, that supposed to eliminate some of the background noises. So whoever you are talking to, this microphone won’t get any complains.

When you are done talking, you can push the microphone upwards on muted. On the earcup there is a volume dial, which is very practical instead having look for volume switch on the cable while you are gaming.

The Sennheiser Game Zero also comes with a pretty  nice carrying case, if you a traveling gamer or you just want to have a nice place to store your headset.

So is a protective case and have a pocket inside that is very useful if you are carrying any accessories. If you want to use this headset with PS4, Xbox or Mac, you must get the combo audio adapter.

Because the Game Zero has two separate inputs, for the audio and the microphone, you won’t be able to use both at once. This headset offers a crystal clear sound, basses  clean, but not heavy. Due to the sound isolation the earcups provide, you won’t hear a much around you and that really helps for a great gaming experience.

Also you can use them for listening to music. Even with regular music you will get rich detail, amazing clarity and some pretty solid bass. Overall, this headset offers you a great gaming experience because of the performance and the comfort they have.

Sennheiser Game Zero gaming headset specifications

Color – white and black

Wearing style – Headband

Impedance – Headphones: 50 Ω

Connector – 2 x 3.5 mm for desktop/laptop

Sound pressure level (SPL) – Headphones: 108 dB

THD, total harmonic distortion – Headphones: < 0.1%

Ear coupling Headphones: around-the-ear, closed acoustic design

Cable length – 3 m (PC/Mac) & 1.2 m (Console)

Weight – 312 g

Pick-up pattern – Microphone: Noise Cancelling

Sensitivity – Microphone: -38 dBV at 94 dBSPL


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