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An armored civilian vehicle is typically a normal vehicle which has a reinforced structure and designed to protect its occupants from different types of attack.

These armored vehicles are mostly manufactured using bulletproof glass and layers of armor plating, customized with a variety of defensive mechanisms and other features to keep the individuals & properties safer inside the vehicle.

Unlike the armored military vehicles, the civilian armored vehicles are designed not different from the normal domestic vehicle.

Armored vehicles are usually used by high profile individuals like world leaders, public figures, celebrities, business persons, other VIPs, government agencies like NGOs, Ministries, Embassies, other private security organizations, commercial sectors, security companies, etc.

In some of the African & South American countries, the demand for armored vehicles is growing among the upper-middle class sector too, owing to the increase of violent crimes like kidnapping, hijacking, robberies, etc.

The number of armored vehicles running in the streets of countries like Mexico and Brazil is growing day by day where you will see even the small cars like Volkswagen Jettas to the larger ones like Chevrolet Suburbans getting armored and bulletproofed to save their lives.

Middle East world is witnessing a boom in the manufacturing, import and export of armored vehicles these years.

Additionally, owing to soaring crime rates across countries, organizations and banks are opting for protected trucks or vans to carry valuables, transfer money from banks to ATMs, and transfer cash collected at large commercial establishments to banks.

The recent studies of one of the leading global consulting firm has reported that the armored vehicle market is expected to reach more than $31 billion by 2021, which is growing at a compound annual rate of 5.6%.

The United Arab Emirates has become a prime business hub for a large number of armored vehicles manufacturers.

The demand for Armored Cars from UAE is growing every day, resulting in the export of Armored Vehicles worldwide from UAE. Most of the armored vehicles manufactured in UAE are supplied to regions like African, South American, South-Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan etc and Far East countries like Philippines, Thailand etc.

Most of the Vehicle Armoring Companies follow certain international standards like CEN or NIJ for armoring vehicles. When it comes to armoring the vehicle, it is important to understand the various levels of protection that it offers.

Starting from Level B1 to Level B6, armoring companies can choose the desired level of protection based on perceived threats and the requirements of their customers. Some other protective modifications besides armoring are installing heavy-duty and run-flat tires, automatic fire extinguishers, suspension kits, explosive resistant fuel tank, Strobe lights, Remote Vehicle Start, Vehicle Camera Systems, Siren or Alarm, Communication equipment like VHF Radio, etc.

So if you are key business personnel who is facing frequent threats, or you frequently travel to conflict-prone areas, then you can talk to these Armored Vehicle Manufacturers. They can even convert your existing car to an armored one.

It is essential to give the utmost care while choosing the right Armored Vehicle Manufacturer in UAE. Be prepared to discuss the below points with the sales personnel of the chosen Armored Vehicle Manufacturer or Armored Car Supplier.

  • What Level of protection & safety features that you are looking for in your Armored Vehicle?
  • What kind of Driving Terrain Type you will require like Off-road, Desert, Highways, Snowy, etc.
  • Are you looking for long international drives to give extra care about fuel economy?
  • Are you using the Vehicle for carrying passengers or valuables to choose the right Armored Vehicle Type?
  • Understand Labor and Parts that go into Armoring and Bulletproofing a vehicle is expensive, so check Agreement Terms of the Total Budget with your chosen Armored Vehicle Manufacturer.
  • Discuss the Documentation & Shipment Options if you need to do international shipment of the agreed Armored Vehicle
  • If possible try to do a Test Drive in the Armored Car that most suits your requirement.

Today the armored car manufacturing industry is technologically far advanced, resulting in a much stronger, safer and lighter armored car than before. Some of the most popular Armored Cars Type manufactured in UAE which is supplied worldwide are

  • Armored SUVs like Armored LandCruiser, Armored Lexus 570, Armored Nissan Patrol, Armored Chevrolet Suburban, Armored Toyota Prado
  • Option for Armored Sedan
  • Armored Pickup Trucks like Armored Toyota Hilux, Armored Ford Ranger, Armored Nissan Navara, Armored Toyota Tundra
  • Get Armored Bus like Armored Toyota Coaster, Armored Ashok Leyland
  • Armored Cash-in-transit
  • Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Check-out the Top 6 Armored Vehicle Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE to worldwide :

  1. SHELL Armored Vehicles


  1. STREIT Group


  1. IAG International Armored Group


  1. Ultimate Armor Works


  1. Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring


  1. ASC Germany



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