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Best Lawn Mowers to choose from ! If you are a lawn mower user you look for some solid guide which help you to take right decision .

For writing this post, we bought and had gone through testing of 13 lawn mowers for finding out which are the best lawn mowers. It took us 9 hours of testing in order to declare toppers for this post. In this way, we were able to only choose the best lawn mowers for our list.

All the mowers that we tested work on latest concepts. Some of them were gas powered and some were electrically powered. We reviewed a one or two ride-on and robotic mowers as well.

Choosing the right lawn mower is just the problem that you face now. In order to help you get out of this problem, we arranged this list, so that you can easily choose the best lawn mower that suits you the best. This list consists of the top 10 best lawn mowers .

What Is A Lawn Mower?

In easy words, a lawn mower is a device that consists of many blades. These blades are for mowing/trimming of grass. There is a motor inside every grass mower that rotates the blades for cutting the grass. These motors are powered by energy provided either by gasoline or by a charged battery. Now, these cutters are of various types and this post is going to help you choose the best and right mower for yourself.

Type Of Lawn Mowers

So, let’s proceed to the types of best lawn mowers one can find in the market. Well, there are many aspects of dividing a mower into its types.

If we categorize mowers depending upon fuel consumption, then we come across two types.

The first type is gas-powered engine lawn mowers and the second one is electric powered engine lawn mowers. As their name suggests, they work on gasoline/petrol and electricity respectively.

For the gas mowers, you just need to pour in the gasoline and you are all set for cutting. But, if you own an electric mower, then you need to charge its batteries to be able to use the mower.

Self-Propelled And Pushing

We can also categorize lawn mowers as self-propelled ones and pushing ones.

Self-propelled mowers are the ones which don’t require you to push them. Their engines not only power the blades but also help them in moving forward. You just need to steer them in the correct direction and they will do the job for you.

Push mowers can further divide into two types. The first one are which totally work on pushing and don’t have a source of energy i.e. Gasoline or electricity. While the other push mowers have energy sources for running blades, but you need to apply manual force to make them run.

Ride-on mowers and Robotic garden mowers

Some other kinds of lawn mowers include Ride-on mowers and Robotic garden mowers. As the name suggests, Ride-on mowers are those mowers which you drive just like a car while sitting on to it.

These mowers are recommended as best lawn mowers for huge gardens where one cannot use push mower all day long.

While the other kind that is Robotic mowers is becoming quite popular nowadays. Robotic mowers don’t need you to work. They work with Artificial Intelligence technology which allows them to do all the work without you supervising them.

It doesn’t matter if you are sleeping or whatever you are doing. These robotic mowers start and do all the mowing themselves. This means from now on, you are never ever going to face any uncut grass in your lawn.

Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower 

All kinds of Honda machines are popular due to their strong and durable engines. The guys at Honda not only make cars, but they also make bikes, electric generators, scooters, lawn mowers, and other factory machinery.

Honda machines have always been about strong engines. Due to their strong engines, it was impossible to not include their lawn mowers in our list. It has a pretty big trash bag to carry grass waste.

It has some other benefits like intuitive self-propulsion which are seen only in the top of the line lawn mowers. If you have a large garden to cover, then this Honda generator is just what you should buy.

It has a unique MicroCut Blade System which has four surfaces for cutting grass instead of two. With these four cutting surfaces, it can cut your grass waste into very small pieces so that waste takes less space in the trash bag and you can store more grass in your bag.

Another plus point for this grass mower is that its waste bag is 2.5 bushels sized. Bags of most other grass mowers are no more than 2.0-bushel size.

As the bag capacity is very big, therefore, when you are dumping grass waste, you will face difficulties in carrying, as the trash bag will become too heavy.

7 different cutting levels

One more great thing about this Honda lawn mower is that it contains 7 different cutting levels. This means that if you buy this mower, you will be able to choose what grass height do you want on your lawn.

But, one bad thing that you’ll face here is that you will need to manually set wheel height for every cutting level because this mower has four-lever wheel adjustment.

Honda is very confident about their engines and this is why they provide an extended 5-year warranty instead of the 3 years warranty that other grass mower manufacturers provide.

Check the price of Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower at Amazon

Ego LM2102SP

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018


Ego LM2102SP is a self-propelled lawn mower that showed amazing results in gardens of more than 2 types that we tested.

This electric lawn mower consists of a 56-volt li-ion battery which takes only 1 hour and gives you a complete non-stop hour of grass cutting. This grass cutter is ideal for small lawns.

Since it completely works on battery and doesn’t require gas or oil to work, therefore it completely eco-friendly and doesn’t pollute the environment.

Since it’s engine doesn’t work on any organic fuels, therefore it neither cause pollution damages nor releases any harmful fumes.

It has got a huge cutting deck which allows cutting of grass much faster than standard mowers. Ego LM2102SP’s wide mouth of trash bag makes it very easy to pour it into the waste dump.

Handling this Ego lawn mower is pretty easy. Even first time users can use this lawn mower easily without facing any difficulties.

This lawn mower starts working just after a tap of a button. You can also make changes to its self-propelling feature for mowing speed you want.

There are six different cutting height levels in this lawn mower.

It is seen that most of the mowers available in the market generate an annoying kind of sound which feels very sharp in human ears and not everyone likes this sound.

Less Weight

This lawn mower weighs only 58 pounds which makes it very easy to control. You won’t get tired in using it.

It has big 9-inch wheels which help in driving your lawn mower over obstacles and tight edges.

This electric lawn mower also comes with a 5-year warranty just like the Honda one mentioned above.

It means that you can buy this lawn mower with confidence that nothing is going to happen to it and if by chance anything bad happens, manufacturers will cover repairing expenses.

Check the price of Ego LM2102SP  Lawn Mower at Amazon

Toro 22 in. Recycler  

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018

Toro Recycler 20340 is a self-propelled mower that works on gas. It has settings for many speeds and its rear wheels are a little bit higher as compared to the front ones, which makes it easier to control it.

Considering its low price as compared to other mowers, it still has many high-end features which you are not going to find in other mowers of the same price range, like a good mulching system and self-propulsion system.

A drawback about the mulching system is that you can not adjust its settings, this means that you can either bag all clippings or perform full mulching. It has front-wheels drive which makes it much easy to handle on grass.

For cleaning, this grass mower also has a wash-out port which allows easy cleaning of mower after usage. The speed controlling option of this Toro mower is loved by every one of its users as they can limit mower’s speed to their pace so that they can easily control it.

Powerful Engine

Toro’s engine is pretty powerful and long lasting strong as well. There is no need of warranty for this solid lawn mower, but the manufacturers still provide a 2-year warranty to keep you on safe side if by chance something bad happens.

This lawn mower works great for gardens and lawns of any size. It is also suitable for grass of any type and it doesn’t get stopped due to obstacles on the way of cutting grass. This grass cutter is quite popular among every type of homeowners.

Check the price of Toro Recycler Lawn Mower at Amazon

Snapper 21” Front-Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Mower

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018

Snapper 21” Front-Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Mower is a gas grass mower which can help you with hours of mowing in huge lawns.

It is usually found that electric mowers get pretty useless in huge lawns due to hours of continuous mowing as their battery gets discharged. Running grass mowers on gas can be expensive but it is just what you need for huge lawns.

It has a great handling which makes it easy to run on grass. This lawn mower is very lightweight but it still has a quite powerful engine.

After taking private reviews from its users, we found out that all of its users were satisfied with it. It has a low noise level which makes it less annoying than other mowers.

Just like the other grass cutting machines we reviewed, it also has six cutting levels which allow you to adjust the blade’s position easily.

Works Only With Gas

One drawback of this mower which is hated by its users is that it completely works on gas and you need to pull a string to get it started.

There is no electric self-option in this gas mower. Also, its users told that there is some kind of fault in its mechanics which makes it’s handling poor sometimes while using.

But there is totally no need to worry about this fault as you will quickly get used to this fault. This lawn mower’s handle is covered with foam which reduces vibrations and results in giving your hands comfortable.

This Snapper lawn mower is lighter as well as smaller in size, so anyone of any height or weight can use it easily. This mower has got a very powerful engine as compared to other standard mowers, but still, it is very light in weight.

It has got enough power to do hours of work easily and without any flaws. This Snapper mower is ideal for grass of any size or thickness. It works great with all of them.

Check the price of Snapper Lawn Mower at Amazon 

Kobalt 40-Volt Cordless Mower KM2040X-06 

Kobalt Cordless Lawn Mower

Kobalt cordless mower works perfectly for flat surfaced gardens. It is one of the most powerful grass mowers available out there but using it is still easy and you can use it without losing any control over it.

It completely works on battery and as it doesn’t consume any organic fuel, therefore it is highly eco-friendly. Like other mowers, it doesn’t destroy atmosphere by polluting it with black smoke. Kobalt also provides a 5-year warranty on this cordless mower.

Kobalt KM2040X-06 grass mower comes with 2 free batteries that can work separately or together to give more mowing time.

One of these batteries is of 2 Amperes, while the other one is bigger and is of 4 Amperes. The 2 Amperes battery gives 30 minutes mowing time while the bigger 4 Amperes battery gives around 50 minutes of mowing time.

Automatic Battery Switching

It has an automatic battery switching feature. This means that if you connected both batteries to the mower, then as soon as first battery empties out, the mower will automatically start running on the second battery without stopping the engine.

This grass mower is quite intelligent and it detects when it needs more power for cutting. With this intelligence feature, it saves much power. It takes 1 hour and 2 hours for charging 2 Ampere and 4 Ampere batteries respectively.

Kobalt 40 volt mower comes with 7 different cutting levels like most of the other mowers. There are various heights available for cutting. You can choose any height of grass you want between 1.37 inches to 3.37 inches.

The reason why every of its user loves it is that it provides two options for grass cut in the bag. You can either choose to throw the cut grass back on to the lawn or you can keep it in the trash bag and dump it later.

Not Self Propelled

One drawback of this lawn mower which everyone hates about it is that it is not self-propelled. What does it mean? It means that it will not mow your lawn automatically and you will need to apply manual force to make it run and cut grass.

Now, good thing is that it weighs only 44 pounds which is not too much to push. Kobalt grass mower also comes with 2 free batteries.

If you have a small yard garden for mowing, then this mower will work great for you. This grass cutter is not recommended for big gardens as it requires manual pushing force and users will get tired quickly if they are to use this mower for big gardens.

Check the price of Kobalt Cordless Mower at Amazon

Craftsman 37441 

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018

If you are looking for a grass mower that has a superb design and that makes your neighbors immediately fall in love with it, then Craftsman 37441 is just what you need to buy.

It has got a beautiful design and many advanced features too for giving your garden a totally new look.

It is gasoline powered and this is why it is not eco-friendly. If you are a Nature Lover, then we don’t recommend this mower for you.

It is self-propelled which means it doesn’t require you to push it and it runs itself. You just need to take care of directing it in your lawn and it does all the job itself.

One drawback, which is found in almost all gas mowers out there is that they don’t have electricity powered self-start buttons.

6 Cutting Levels

This mower comes with a pull string which requires effort for starting the mower. This Craftsman grass cutter has 6 different cutting levels to trim the grass to your desired height. The blades found in this grass cutter are of 21 inches.

Among many of its positive features, the biggest one of all is its handling. It is equipped with front wheel drive which makes it a lot easier to control on grass.

Doing turns or changing speed won’t affect its mowing quality. Its 85dB noise level is very low as compared to other grass mowers which run on gasoline engines. This cutter also has a wash-out port so that you can easily clean it after usage. Vibrating, which is a big issue of grass mowers, is minimal in this model.

One thing that users didn’t like about this mower is that it has a very little trash bag space of 1.9 bushels.

This means that you cannot use it for big gardens. While testing, we found out that cut grass escapes from the bag while mowing.

This means that it is useless if you want to dump grass waste somewhere else because even if you don’t activate mulching mode, it will still drop grass waste.

Check the price of Craftman 37411 at Amazon

Husqvarna HU725AWD 

Husqvarna HU725AWD is a highly reliable mower that works on gasoline.

Because of self-propelled engine it works great even on hill like terrains as it has all-wheel-drive instead of front-wheel-drive. This mower works great for huge lawns as well. It effectively works even on steep slopes.

This Husqvarna grass cutter also has a huge trash bag which means you can continuously do mowing without any need to empty cut grass after a little time.

This mower also has functionality for mulching, this means it can also throw cut grass in your lawn instead of storing it in the trash bag.

One drawback of this model which annoys buyers is that it has 4 levers wheel adjustment instead of 1 lever wheel adjustment.

The cutting deck of HU725AWD is 22-inch wide as compared to standard 21-inch wide ones. In this way, it allows much faster mowing than other 21-inch models.

This Husqvarna grass cutter also comes with a 3-year warranty to keep you on the safe side.

If you own a large and hill-like lawn which you want to mow easily and quickly, then this cutter can be a best choice.

Check the price of Husqvarna Lawn Mowers at Amazon

Cub Cadet RZT S 46

Cub Cadet RZT S 46 is a zero-turn and ride-on grass cutter which we don’t recommend for using in homes. It will be pretty useless in hilly lawns.

According to its users, they recommend buying this mower only if the lawn is flat and doesn’t have any slopes. Cub Cadet RZT S 46 also comes in 42 and 50 inches deck models which work great in huge gardens and parks.

It consists of 2 hydro transmissions that synced together. It has a very easy to control the steering wheel and which works like a charm. You can cut as much grass you want with this mower.

This model is very popular among gardeners who own more than or near to 1 Acre of land for gardening.

Worx Landroid WG794 Robotic Lawn Mower 

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018

Everyone knows that Technology is affecting our lives a lot by bringing automated machines. Same also happened with lawn mowing.

Thanks to this all-new Worx Landroid grass mower, it can now automatically take care of your lawn and make it beautiful. If you don’t have enough time to take care of your garden or lawn, then you don’t need to hire a gardener for your lawn.

AI Powered

Instead, buy this grass mower. You can make schedules for mowing and this AI-powered machine will follow that schedule. This means from now on, you’ll never find grown grass in your lawn.

Standard grass mowers cut a lot of grass at a time which results in leaving a huge effect on their lifespan.

This Landroid mower cuts grass in small couples . It may improve the lifespan .

What you will get after buying this wonderful machine is a well-maintained garden every single day. This superb grass mower produces very little noise, this means that you can use it in your lawn at night too.

Robotic Mower

This powerful robotic mower has got a pretty powerful battery which allows cutting of more than 1 thousand square meters after every single charge.

Due to the slicing technology of its blades, it causes almost zero damage to your garden and helps in fertilizing it. The design of this Landroid mower is perfect. It is light in weight and compact so it can easily pass narrow areas in a lawn.

Check the price of Worx Landroid at Amazon

Honda HRR216K9VKA

Best Lawn Mowers To Buy In 2018


Honda HRR216K9VKA is the best mower for those users who want something that is reliable and also works on gas.

Most of the gas mowers available are not reliable,but you can buy this because it is from Honda. Just like the previously reviewed Honda lawn mowing machine, this machine also got a great engine which provides flawless performance in lawns.

Another interesting thing about this grass cutter is its trash bag storage. The trash bag of this mower can store up to 2.4 bushels of cut grass.

Noise Level

However, one thing about this mower is due to the noise level users may not like it. This thing produces a noise of over 98 dB which is enough to disturb not only you but your neighbors as well.

Also, this mower doesn’t mostly start on the first attempt. Some more drawbacks of this model include no quick-wash tool or port and a 4-lever system for adjusting wheel height. This means that you need to level every wheel one by one.

This is not only annoying, but also time-consuming too . It may not suit to users who hate technical complications.

From the last paragraph, we figured out that it lacks in many important features, but still, as it is a product from Honda, therefore, it is reliable. Honda HRR216K9VKA is still among the best lawn mowers that you can find in the market.

Easy To Control Handle 

The handle of HRR216K9VKA is very easy to control and is also very comfortable. This means you can spend hours in lawn with this mower without feeling tired hands. Honda HRR216K9VKA is light in weight and heavy from the engine.

It doesn’t matter if your height is low or you are not too strong, this mower will help you perform all tasks easily and without any difficulties.

Check the price Of Honda HRR216K9VKA at Amazon 

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