1.Access Whatsapp from a web-browser

Whatsapp can be connected to your desktop or laptop pc and then you will be able to read,send and receive messages.

To access WhatsApp Web, on your PC, go to web.whatsapp.com in an internet browser. On your cell phone, open WhatsApp and tap the Options  at the upper right hand side, at that point tap WhatsApp Web from the options. Then scan the QR code appeared on the PC with the mobile

2.Usage of WhatsApp in a Web Browser

Your mobile device will be connected with your PC’s WhatsApp and you can begin communicating ceaselessly like you would on your telephone.

In case you are accessing whatsapp web from mulitple PCs,in order tolog out of every single associated gadget, simply return to the Options > WhatsApp Web page and pick Log out from all PCs.

3.Exchange Files to/from PC

The good thing about WhatsApp Web is that you get on your PC and access whatever you get on your mobile phone through WhatsApp. This makes it an entirely easy way to exchange pictures or files between the phone and PC.

You can send pictures or files in your PC to your friends in whatsapp through whatsapp web.

4.Broadcast Option

If you want to send regular messages to more than one friend without mutually knowing it each other best way is to create a broadcast list. The best thing about the broadcast list is members in this list will not be knowing each other on the messages. Group is more or like a forum and broadcast is an individual list created by a person. People in sales or marketing can use it as an effective tool .

5. Know when Message got Read

You definitely realize that dim ticks implies that the message has been conveyed and blue ticks show that the message has been attended. As a matter of fact, there is an alternative that gives you the correct timestamp of when a message has been conveyed and when it has been attended.

To see the Message data screen and check the sent message’s points of interest, open a visit, tap and hold any sent message, at that point tap the information (or I) catch from the activity bar (top).

6. Star or Mark Messages as Favorite

Some messages we receive in whatsapp may require an attention later or want to read it later carefully. You can mark it as a favorite message.

To stamp a message as top pick: simply long push on any individual message, at that point tap on the star symbol in the activity bar at the highest point of the application’s screen.

To see all your featured messages, tap on Options in the discussion list screen > pick Starred messages.

7.Design the Privacy Options

If you dont want others to know when are accessing whatsapp you can customize the privacy options .

You can change the settings at Options > Settings > Account > Privacy. At that point, pick whether you need your last seen, profile picture and status to be seen by Everyone, My contacts or Nobody.




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