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Moov Fitness Coach and Tracker is a little different as it’s described as “your personal fitness coach”.

The idea behind this is that rather than put an emphasis on tracking your progress to fitness, the focus is on training you to be better.

It has a lot of information available to help you along the way and is able to give coaching that is personalised to you.

Is this a new idea? Perhaps not, but the way in which its function is presented from the coaching angle rather than tracking, does seem to make it appear to be different.

The people behind this device introduced it to the market after starting as a crowdfunding project which reached its target funding in 90 minutes.

It was originally not much different to other similar fitness trackers but since its launch has added apps for cycling, cardio boxing and swimming.

These have been added without the need to make any additional purchases. This has resulted in the Moov being one of the most all-round wearable fitness devices available.

Features And Benefits

Moov Fitness Coach and Tracker clips onto the strap and is designed to be worn around the ankle for running or walking and around the wrist for other activities including swimming. The flexibility means that the data will be more accurate.

There are over ten different programs with more than 200 levels, so there’s a lot of choice from this comprehensive device. The company says there are more on the way as well.

Coaching with audio is carried out in real time for running, cycling and cardio boxing.

There’s also a video with a structured exercise plan to help you to get a complete body workout. It’s high intensity 7 minute video which helps you to new levels.

For swimming it measures your strokes, laps and helps you to improve. It monitors your progress and helps your endurance to improve.

It works by monitoring your movements and then advises how to get the best out of your workout routine. A record of your progress is kept and you’re offered motivation to get to your goals.

Your movements are precisely measured by the 9-axis motion sensor. This is the same as in the latest military-grade gaming technologies.


  • Excellent choice of programs and levels
  • Coaching works very well and is motivating
  • Helps you to try different activities
  • Good in depth data some other devices don’t provide
  • Paring to phone is simple
  • Easy to use


  • Need to carry your phone with you or have it close by
  • Strap could be better
  • Not all of the apps are available on Android at the moment

An Excellent Fitness Tracking For Swimming

The Moov is a good contender as one of the best fitness trackers for swimming because it gives really good detailed insights into your swimming as it measures you lap by lap. It not only gives detailed measurements of lap time but also your flip turn times, resting time and your pace.

Your strokes are also important, it works out your average stroke rate and the distance travelled for each stroke. Having all of these different measurements and insights into swimming is unusual for a fitness tracker.

As you swim, the Moov Fitness Coach and Tracker records the movements and when you’re done you can check the results on your phone. It’s a good way to keep a check on your progress, you can compare against your best previous results and even against Olympian results. Making these comparisons together with following the tips provided will help you to become a better swimmer.

Another excellent feature is the rest times being recorded. You can look at these to see if they help or hinder your progress. You’ll see how they work for or against you and then use the data to help build your endurance.

Having to have your phone with you to view the data is a drawback, but it’s not uncommon as some other devices are the same. Those that sync to your phone but also show the data on the device screen do have an advantage though.

One or two customers who have bought it have questioned the accuracy of some of the data, but any device is never going to be 100%. Having said that, it does seem that the Moov Fitness and Coaching Tracker isn’t far out and for comparing results is spot on.


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