Polar V800 is one of the best fitness trackers for swimming . Although it’s described as a sports watch, it does include a fitness tracker.

The good thing about this model is that it has GPS which is really useful when doing activities outside such as running and it is also available with or without a heart rate monitor.

Polar have been in the heart rate monitor business since 1977 and so are experts in this field.

It’s true to say if you go for the heart rate monitor version it will cost a bit more but it really is worth paying a bit extra for the better data you will get from it.

The additional data provided by the heart rate monitor will help the device to interpret the results much better and more accurately.

This is obviously a big plus if you’re using it to measure how you’re swimming.

When the V800 was first released its ability to track swimming was fairly limited, but since then there have been firmware updates which have added more functions and there are more promised to be on the way.


The integrated GPS sensor is able to track speed, distance and route taken.

If you’re running in an unfamiliar place there’s little chance of getting lost. It’s also good for running over previous routes so you can compare your performance.

It works 24/7 checking your activities at different intensities. This includes tracking steps, which is one of the basic but important activities. It will also keep a check on your calories too.

Your overall fitness can be assessed using the orthostatic tests which measure your heart rate against various activities and other factors such as stress or illness.

This is one of the big advantages of having a heart rate monitor included because it delivers this kind of data, which is very insightful.

It does these tests regularly so you’ll get to understand how your heart is affected by different circumstances. The results can be used to adjust your training to better suit you.

There are multiple training features you can use. These include being able to set up a different profile for each sport or activity you do, different timers, training reminders, interval trainer guided workouts and swimming tracking.

It keeps a check as to where you are against your goals and also breaks your activities into different zones of intensity. It is then able to carry out an advanced activity analysis to give deep insights.

When you sleep the Polar V800 automatically detects it.

Both your restful and restless sleep will be recorded to help get a better understanding of your sleep patterns, which is important to your health and fitness.



  • Accurate GPS
  • Available with a heart rate monitor
  • Heart rate monitor works while swimming
  • Well-made and looks good
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple training and levels
  • Excellent detailed analysis of training and results
  • Accurate swimming data



  • Heart rate monitor can be slow connecting when in water
  • Could be a little more comfortable to wear


A Sports Watch And A Good Fitness Tracker For Swimming

The overall feeling from customers who have bought the V800 is very positive with a high satisfaction.

Having a heart rate monitor and GPS are both really useful, but the downside to GPS is that it will eat into battery life, drastically reducing it. This can be offset by only having it turned on when needed.

Since its launch, the swimming capabilities have been improved and by all accounts are not yet finished.

It will auto detect your swimming style whether it’s breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle or even the butterfly.

When you set to swim mode, select your lane length, there are some pre-sets or you can custom set it, then just swim! It will measure your distance, pace, the amount of strokes and your rest time.

It’s good to know your rest time because this can be used to help determine your progress. The V800 has been tested to a depth of 100 feet so is able to withstand a fair amount of pressure.

There aren’t many fitness trackers with a heart rate monitor that work in the water as this one does.

It seems, according to some customers, that it can take a little while to connect when in the water and can sometime be prone to dropping out.

When it does work, which is most of the time, the data is accurate and useful to help you improve your swimming.

The amount of different tracking and levels it can handle is quite amazing, which makes this an attractive device for any fitness enthusiast, but it isn’t the cheapest on the market. Having said that, it is probably worth the price because of its functionality and accuracy.

The Polar V800 has to be one of the best fitness trackers for swimming and running, plus a whole lot more!


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