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The Bose SoundLink Mini II  Bluetooth speaker which is of smaller size.

It isn’t sufficiently little that you’ll convey it to you consistently, and you’re certainly not going to fit it in a pocket.

In any case, it’s about as little as a speaker can get without bargaining on sound quality.

What’s more, on the off-chance that you haven’t heard one of this little size, huge yield speakers sometime recently, you’ll unquestionably be awed by how great the Bose SoundLink Mini II sounds.

Bose SoundLink Mini II is of the ideal size for “around the house” versatility. Furthermore, for its charging dock, it wins extra focuses.

The new 1.5-pound (0.67kg) show looks about indistinguishable to its forerunner – something worth being thankful for since it’s one of the most honed watching little speakers out there – however it now has an inherent receiver for speakerphone capacities. Another change is its 10-hour battery rating, up from 7 hours for the past model.

The SoundLink Mini II still doesn’t bolster aptX – the higher-quality codec than the Bluetooth standard SBC.

Be that as it may, it would be to some degree constrained in a speaker attempting to convey a major sound from such a small box.

The SoundLink Mini II is an amazingly bass and intense sounding speaker for its size.

It doesn’t exactly fit the adult Bose picture; we’d portray it as rowdy. Be that as it may, it’s absolutely great fun.

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