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Self Solving Rubiks Cube!! Have you ever thought about it ?

Solving a Rubiks cube is  complicated but at the same it requires logic to be applied step by step. There are people who are expert in solving the Rubiks Cube.They acquire this expertise through practice or training.

The design and working model of Rubiks cube actually require some mental ability to solve.

There are videos available in Youtube which shows how Rubiks cube can be solved step by step . By learning the step by step method Rubiks cube can be solved effectively even though it is not easy.

A Japanese invented this rubiks cube using servo motors an Arduino boards to actuate the cube as it solves itself. There is no much description about the process and functions about how it does. But we do have different process videos.

Watch This Video & See How Rubiks Cube Solves Itself in Less Than 1 Minute

Watch this video as he’s holding the rubiks cube in his fingers but still it solves itself under 1 minute

Self Solving Rubiks Cube Disassembling Video


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