There are more than 1,400 million people who use Google mail today and for many reasons, preferring totally over all others. Therefore, Gmail has been updated, to bring improvements to all those people who have it for their day by day.

Since Gmail was released a few years ago, it has been one of the principal favorites of the people, so it was so important that it has been updated.

The improvements that it brings are totally new and will please more than one client, considering that Gmail has been in its update.

Gmail Updates – Webmail with amazing features

This webmail service has brought its improvements to both, the desktop version and the phone application version, so everyone can enjoy the new things that come with it.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that we are the ones who decide whether to use this Gmail update or not, because within a section of the configuration is where we can select to implement the update.

In case you do not like the new Gmail model, in the same section where they activated it, you can choose to deactivate it. Some users try the new options and then decide to keep it or not.

Gmail Updates – Privacy

Now let us look at the Gmail updates  and what we can observe in the new updates. One of the points on which Google has considered when updating its mail is  everything related to privacy. There are a whole series of improvements with respect to it that will leave you surprised.

Among one of the improvements that the privacy of this online communication service has, it highlights the fact that the users of it can control how their message is forwarded, downloaded, copied and printed.

This is something that will be very helpful when the information they have in the mail to be sent is completely confidential. So, depending on the confidentiality of it, you can choose who can forward their emails.

In the same way, if you do not want someone to keep personal data or certain information by having it sent in an email, you can choose the expiration date of the mail, so that, within the chosen time, it remains in the recipient’s inbox , until it expires and erases itself. This is an improvement that gives a lot to talk about, because it is a function that can save the privacy of many users.

Gmail Updates – Classification Option And Notification

Among other things that Gmail improved in its update is the fact that, with this new version of the mail, users will be able to classify their messages depending on the importance of each of them, this is something that will help the company to improve your security .

In addition, with this classification option, it will also be easier to find important messages from months ago. Thanks to this classification option, in the mobile application, the mail will also notify us when a message arrives that is important, so we can open it at once to read it.

Gmail Updates – Nudging

It has also improved in terms of warning users of a dangerous email, this is something that will be marked with a small red sign, so they will know when to be more or less careful when opening a message.

On the other hand, you will have the option of doing a follow-up of the tasks and commitments that we have in our agenda, and therefore, you will remember us. This is an intelligence function that is called “nudging”.

With all this improvement, it is impossible not to be aware of the things we must do, the commitments we must fulfill and the important messages that come to us.

Gmail Updates – Smart Replies

Among others the things that this new Gmail brings, is the fact of the “Smart Replies” option. This is something that, previously, was already available for the mobile version of the mail, but will now also be available for the desktop version.

This function consists of offering the user a series of templates to respond quickly to any email. Among those replies are: Ok, received, thank you very much, it seems perfect, among others. This saves time by writing to reply the emails.

Gmail Updates – Easy Accessibility

This means of communication that Google offers us has also improved in terms of the idea of being able to do more things outside the inbox.

What do I mean by this? If we look for a file or a specific image, we no longer have the need to look for it among the pile of emails, because there will be a section where we can see all the photos and files that have arrived since we use Gmail.

This is a quick access feature that will save us time, especially if we are the people who usually have thousands of emails in our inbox. Therefore, it is something that will also make our life a little easier.

So, these improvements that Google has made in its mail service Gmail, is making things easier and increasing the security of the millions of people who use this email. As you may have noticed when reading this article and learning about the updates that were made, the Gmail we knew so far has changed a lot, but the changes are always good. Therefore, we must thank to the innovation of google for having these improvements that make Gmail one of the best emails we  use today.

Thanks to Google for allowing us to have a more secure, more comfortable, simple and, above all, more complete email service. In coming years, we can be sure that other improvements will come that will leave it far behind, because technology is always in constant evolution, especially the great company of Google.




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