Whatsapp, the world’s most popular social messaging app which got blown up in the social media network world .

Older Version Whatsapp As Per The Video

There are so many messaging apps like this, but Whatsapp app is the most liked app.But, do you know that  older version  Whatsapp was also running in the 80’s.

However, most people are unaware of this because, a few years back, WhatsApp App has expanded its network rapidly. Today, WhatsApp has around 150 million users worldwide. We are showing you a viral video, which has been informed about what happened in the 80s of older version Whatsapp.

It is difficult to say how accurate this information is, But in the 80’s it was run through MS Dos. At that time it was installed in the computer.

Messages were sent at that time time also. At that time its installation process was quite long. The video shows how older version Whatsapp was installed and how messages were sent to it.

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The Whatsapp installation kit includes a floppy disk, a Whatsapp pager and its battery. Apart from this, a pan on which your name and Whatsapp app were written. For a year there was a notebook for free membership and emoji. After this it was installed on MS dos.

Before the installation of Whatsapp, its final process was exactly the same, as in today’s time it is done to complete any process through OTP. A code was sent for verification. However, at that time it was sent not only to the mobile but also to the system.

$1 was charged for every message. In it, a message of  1024 characters could be sent at a time. However, it is difficult to say how much truth there is in it.

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