Dubai is always a step ahead in technology and developing its infrastructure to the next level.

Recently we saw that Sophia robot got Saudi citizenship , another major technology from Middle East .

Dubai encourages modern technology from robots to drones and now we have Flying Motorbike in Dubai.

Scorpion Flying Motorbike

The vehicle is named as Scorpion and designed by Russian tech company Hoversurf.

In the Facebook page of Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov mentioned that company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Dubai Police and has been welcomed to open mass production of the vehicle in Dubai.

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At Dubai’s Gitex Technology show, The Scorpion was presented alongside a new electric motorbike concept by Japanese firm Mikasa it reaches a top speed of 124 mph according to the police and looks like something out of the film “Tron.

Flying Motorbike Video


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