Technology and new innovative gadgets, devices, robots and smart appliance have established their strong grip over the world. We are totally depending upon the uses of technology.

From our writing pens to our kitchen home appliances, technology is somewhere embedded in them. This is how 21st century looks alike where people are craving for more and more technology and smart appliances. Like smartphones, smart devices, smart gadgets, smart TVs, now introducing some of the incredible and smart kitchen appliances of 2018.

Cooking becomes Smart

You must be thinking that how kitchen appliances can be smarter? How can appliances act smartly?

Above questions proved wrong when inventors and scientists invent smart home and kitchen appliances. You can now cook everything with enjoyment and ease through different smart kitchen appliances that introduced in the First half of 2018. Now there are plenty of ways to start cooking with your smartphone.

Kitchen appliances and smart kitchen gadgets are great and ideal for your home. Smart kitchen appliances include each and everything such as specific coffee makers that are common among people, multi-task performing devices such as refrigerators and ovens, hence all these devices are now acting as your smart kitchen appliances.

List of Smart Kitchen Appliances of 2018

You can now replace your old-classic kitchen devices with new smart kitchen appliances of 2018. All these devices mentioned below are reasonable, portable and accessible at a very efficient cost.

Sous Vide

it is relatively latest and new smart cooking technique which has become very famous among the women and professional chefs. The purpose of this Sous Vide smart kitchen appliance is, there is a vacuum sealing in which you can put your product/food into the hot boiling water to tenderize the meat. You can set precise temperature according to your desire and the process of sealing embedded in it ensures you that there’s the moisture is present in it, it also ensures that the food will not become overcooked.

 Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi


Precision Culinary Cooker is very easy to work with. You can set up it to your own. The built-in Wi-Fi enables you to adjust the temperature from anywhere. Its bulky manufacture design let you require a large cooking pot. It is one of the smart kitchen appliances that is most economical and let you cook sous vide.

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Behmor Connected Customizable Temperature Control Coffee Maker

you will get great flavor and it has following cool things that will make you feel comfortable: 

  • Cool Design
  • Pre-soak option
  • Adjust Variable Temperature

           Another benefit of Behmor Brewer is that you can connect it from anywhere through your smartphones.

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Gourmia Wi-Fi Air Fryer

This Air Fryer has lots of features with 20 different cooking presets embedded in it. It will cook all the food very well. Another feature is, it has tons of accessories in it. It has a default Wi-Fi which connects you through smartphones and does a great job during cooking.

 Perfect Bake Pro

Wireless Perfect Bake Pro - Smart Kitchen Appliance

The Perfect Bake pro has an excellent outcome by using easy smartphone application. It will help you in baking and cook bread, cookies, and cakes. You can now bake complex recipes as well as simple baking recipes. It is considered to be the best smart kitchen appliances of 2018.

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Perfect Drink pro

Wireless perfect drink pro-Smart Kitchen appliance

it works with authentic Bluetooth connectivity test. Perfect Drink Pro has easy and have straightforward guidelines of recipes and customization tools. It will give you a quite excellent experience.

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