Instagram is known to be the most popular and fun-filled social media platform where people love to post their unlimited pictures, videos of less than 1 minute, stories, and much more. Instagram was launched in 2010, October 6. From 2010 onward, Instagram has flourished its invention time by time.

Now, just like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many other social media platform, Instagram has made its place in the top 10 most used applications in the Google Play Store.

If you are no more user of Instagram, you may think that how Instagram works? How people use it? All these questions will be answered here. Instagram is used worldwide and loved by the young generation especially.

People love to share their daily life activities including class bunks, trips and adventures, hangouts, family time, parties, birthdays hence every kind of activities held by them, they can post it in their profile to get likes and comments through their friends.

What’s new in Instagram?

Instagram has fulfilled all the desires and choices of people they want in it. Whenever Google Playstore indicates a sign that you have an update, it means something new has been added to it.

Nowadays, the most trending and popular feature hidden inside the Instagram is “IGTV- (Instagram TV)”. The Instagram team has launched its new IGTV feature in the Instagram in an event held in the San Francisco where it’s new features has been discussed.

It is different from typical video makers and cameras as it allows you to capture videos in vertical and they exceed its limit more than 1 minute, so now socially proven that you can view all your favourite content without any limitations. A comprehensive list of other features are as below:

  • Sign in into your Instagram Account and you will be shown a special icon of IGTV- (Instagram TV) on the right top corner of the Application.
  • You can easily watch videos from the followers whom you are following already.
  • You can search specific channel or browse videos posted by other channels whom you are not following yet.
  • Simply like or comment on videos and send them to your friends in the Direct Message.
  • Follow more creators to watch the complete experience of IGTV within the Instagram Application.


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