The Instagram was inspired by the Snapchat and they decided to launch their own story feature inside their Application. Instagram stories are as popular as WhatsApp status and Snapchats.

Instagram stories have many features in it such as stickers, timestamps, locations and much more.

People love to post their stories over the Instagram to get views and comments from their friends about their posted stories.But best thing is you can use Instagram stories for business also.

As Instagram Story feature was launched in 2017, now it groomed itself in a special manner and continuously adding more and more advanced features.

Some of the features of Instagram stories which got updated recently are:

  • Add stickers and timestamps
  • Location
  • Swipe up (Instagram Stories for Business only)
  • Add link (Instagram Stories for Business only)
  • Post your own pictures and videos in vertical
  • Swipe stories forward and backwards
  • Highlight any story if you don’t want it to be removed

All these features are accessible to everyone except “Swipe Up and Add Link”. These features are not for common people but for companies and pages who have a large number of followers. There is a specific limit of followers set to business page. Only pages who have followers more than 10k and pages who have a verified account can only add swipe up and Add link option.

If you are searching for any tips and tricks to promote your business through Instagram Stories then you have landed at the right place.

Let’s learn some of the awesome strategies for using Instagram Stories for business.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live Stories are the best and favorite option to show dual broadcasting. You can publish every blog post or content like a live launch event. People will review/watch the Instagram live stories so that they can comment and like the post. Then, it will be posted in 2 or 3 hours later on the social media.

Instagram highlights

The content you have recently posted on the Instagram stories and don’t want them to disappear then Instagram Highlights is the best option for business pages. Stories on Instagram will remain posted for the 24 hours but, Instagram Highlights remains forever unless you choose those stories to be deleted. You can easily add the Instagram Stories for Business features if you have more than 10k followers. You can add Swipe up and Add Link Option inside your stories to promote your business.

Hashtags will blow your business

All the famous business pages or companies voted for the Hashtags as they keep the magic in them. Hashtags will give you more traffic to promote your business page. The use of Hashtags in Instagram stories by adding a location, your brand and products etc. will make people search more about you. You can write Hashtag on your own or you can add stickers off.

Animated GIFS

A new latest update of Instagram GIFs has launched a few months back. People can now use any kind of GIFs in their stories to make it more convincing and get more views. The movement of animated GIFs in your stories makes it dynamic and colourful.

Try the Type Style Feature

Last year, people used the same text for writing anything but now Instagram has given us the great Type Style feature in which we can write in different styles to attract more people and differ from other business stories.



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