Facebook every month or every year brings lots of updates and features in their Application to make it better for their users. It’s difficult to keep every update or feature in mind or know what’s new is coming in every update.

This article revisits the best things that come into Facebook in every update.  Facebook Messenger is the strongest communication application and takes over the Google Hangouts and many other Instant Messaging Applications.

Let’s discuss some of the very latest updates that changed the Facebook for their loved ones!

What you see in the News Feed can customize

The very overwhelming feature regarding News Feed is that you can never miss any post uploaded from your loved ones.

You can prioritize your friends and family so the important content from them can never miss You can star them in your favourites. 

Legacy Contact to handle your Account

it sounds very funny and interesting that if you ever going to die, your account still is running on the Facebook. Isn’t it pretty stupid? But, it seems sometimes useful that you can add your best friend or any relative to legacy contact so that they can handle your account after your end of life. 

Facebook Memories

This Facebook new features 2018 update is the prettiest and sweetest update in the history of Facebook.

You can look back to the day you have spent and made memories with your loved ones. Facebook is now giving you the option to share it with your friends and family to memorize it together. 

Messenger is independent, Make Video Calls!

Messenger is an independent and big part of the Facebook You can Sign up for a messenger with your Facebook Account.

Make Video Calls which will give you best experience other than Skype and Viber. You can make group video calls and voice call with your friends and family.

Facebook Stories

Just like Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook also introduces their Story Feature in both the Messenger and Facebook Application.

You react to the stories with comments, likes and Emojis. This is the powerful Facebook new features 2018 for celebrities.


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