Secret Facebook Features Tips & Tricks
Secret Facebook Features Tips & Tricks

After extensive usage of social media if you feel that you are a Facebook expert ,this is the high time to understand that still there are lot of things to learn .

So put your inner self aside and tune in up, it’s exercise time. Facebook’s not any more simply that amicable minimal blue site you present smashed photographs on. Squillions of advancement hours have been put into this thing, filling it with all way of highlights you won’t not know about – including this part.


With the Cambridge Analytica embarrassment new in our psyches, the principal thing you presumably need to do is check precisely what applications you’ve accidentally offered access to. To do this, make a beeline for ‘Settings’ at that point ‘Applications’ in the left-hand menu. Here’s you’ll see what ones you’ve signed into with Facebook – and the outcomes may shock.

These associations are effectively erased by tapping the ‘X’ alongside them (we suggest beginning with the irregular tests), and it merits checking your settings in the ‘Applications Others Use’ menu, as well, as this is the place you can shield your companions from their information being utilized as a result of you.

However, in the event that you’re appropriately spooked, alter ‘Applications, Websites and Plug-ins’ and you can kill the whole Platform, which implies your Facebook sign in can never again be utilized to actuate anything bar Facebook. It’s super-constraining, yet hello, possibly that is the thing that you need…

  1. Step by step instructions to FIND OUT WHO’S BEEN STALKING YOU USING STORIES

Truly, Facebook Stories exists – a capacity on the Facebook application that enables you to transfer photographs and recordings for a 24-hour time frame, and see which of your companions have seen them, and which particular bits they’ve viewed.

It isn’t the perfect method to see who’s been on your profile and what they’ve been taking a gander at, yet it’s superior to nothing. What’s more, it will uncover some missing “companions” (that person you worked with, similar to, six years back and never addressed?), who are as yet intrigued by what you’re doing each day.


While unfriending somebody on Facebook classes as work environment harassing, we’re all in a bad position. You can remove individuals without all the show however. Essentially unfollow them as opposed to unfriending them. This totally prevents the greater part of their drivel from showing up on your divider, while as yet offering you full Facebook stalking rights to their records when the disposition takes.

To do this, hit the ‘Accompanying’ catch on the pages of your Facebook adversaries. You’ll see alternatives to unfollow them and additionally ‘See First’. In any case, that is for individuals who you need comfortable best of your newsfeed, not the individuals who influence you to need to put all your Facebook-associated gadgets in a tub of corrosive. Tap the unfollow alternative, detail.

  1. Step by step instructions to GET LOGIN ALERTS IF YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT HACKERS

Facebook account hacking is entirely normal: you’ve presumably observed somebody seem to go somewhat loopy in your Facebook residency, just to discover their record was hacked – it wasn’t them ‘Preferring’ connections to filthy sites, legitimate. Indeed, there’s no real way to make you totally insusceptible to hacking shy of nuking your Facebook account, yet you can halt it from developing in any way before long.

Login Alerts will drop you a notice at whatever point your Facebook account is gotten to from another gadget or program. By going Settings >> Security, you can get an email, warning or endless supply of these new login endeavors. Flawless.

  1. The most effective method to DOWNLOAD YOUR ENTIRE FACEBOOK HISTORY

End up living in consistent dread of programmers taking aesthetic photographs of your supper? You can really download your whole Facebook history, to relish each and every tipsy photograph, over-sharing post and your 4,387 selfies forever.

Why? For what reason not? We caution you, however, this could wind up being a quite enormous download in case you’re a genuine Facebook casualty. It incorporates pictures and other media and content based posts. To back everything up, go to Settings and snap to “download a duplicate of your Facebook information” at the base of the page.


Where might we be without our confided in companions, the “hot aubergine” or “jaunty crap”? Now and then words just won’t cut it, however looking for the correct emoticon you need can be an agony. The class menus for emoticon are a long way from natural, each contains such a mass of images, to the point that perplexity frequently follows.

Disregard examining vainly; entering content alternate routes will embed the significant emoticon into your message when it’s sent. For example, writing :crap: will include the crap emoticon. Tragically not all emoticon get easy routes, but rather the most famous ones are incorporated.

  1. Step by step instructions to FIND FACEBOOK’S SECRET MESSAGE INBOX

We as a whole know how to discover Facebook’s message inbox – hell, they put minimal red numbers over it each time you get a message – however did you know there’s a second, mystery message inbox? No? Didn’t think so. This is the stepping ground of the considerable number of messages you’re sent from individuals not inside your Facebook companions gathering.

There are most likely much more messages than you’re expecting, you simply need to know where to search for it – it’s mystery, not signposted all things considered. To arrive, open the Facebook Messenger application and snap Settings >> People >> Message Requests >> See Filtered Requests and appreciate a rundown of four – year-old messages you fortunate thing.

  1. Step by step instructions to SEE MORE STUFF FROM YOUR Favorite PEOPLE

There’s a point that comes in the majority of our lives: the day you understand your Facebook channel is brimming with persuasive statements posted by individuals you wouldn’t trust for bearings to the closest newsagent’s. That and supported connections. At the point when that day arrives, it’s the ideal opportunity for an invigorate.

One approach to give Facebook’s channel calculations a kick up the arse is to begin marking your Facebook contacts as ‘dear companions’ and ‘associates’. Every one of the updates from your dear companions will show up on your news source, weakening the hot air your ‘colleagues’ post. How? All things considered, in the ‘Companions’ tab you’ll see a drop-down box by every one of your mates’ entrances. In this you can name them with these two exceptionally imperative labels. Doing as such will up the nature of your news source drastically.


Facebook has turned into the most ideal approach to monitor individuals’ birthday celebrations. Be that as it may, it can get excessive. At the point when 90% of your cell phone cautions are Facebook’s birthday updates, or Domino’s letting you know they have another offer on, things need to change. It’s awful quality of life.

You can turn off birthday warnings to your telephone inside and out however. On the off chance that you go Settings >> Notifications >> Mobile, you can without much of a stretch jettison the celebratory updates. Huzzah, now we can return to overlooking our closest companion’s unique day, similarly as nature expected.


“If it’s not too much trouble HELP, I’M STUCK IN A RAVINE, NEED ASSISTANCE #FML.” A Facebook refresh like this could spare your life. Possibly. What’s more, you could make it utilizing the content capacity on your telephone. Believe it or not, you would text be able to Facebook like it’s 999.

There’s a committed element for this called Facebook Texts. You should simply connect a telephone to your record, which we envision a large portion of you have done at this point, at that point communicate something specific perusing “F” to 32665. This will set you up, at that point you just content that number again with your notice. There’s really an entire cluster of different things you can do from your portable as well, as get messages each time a specific companion posts something – dreadful.


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